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The MassBit Story

The Massbit Story begins with Minh Doan, the company’s co-founder. Minh moved to the States in 2008, eventually settling in the Bay Area.

He attended grad school for his PhD In Computer Science, but left to pursue a career as Google tech lead for 5 years. He then joined Harmony ONE as a co-founder, helping see that company become a Unicorn. Today Harmony has a valuation of over 4 billion USD.

In the beginning of 2021, Minh saw the boom of DeFi and NFT protocols. With the veritable explosion of tech, he realized the potential and challenges that would occur in revolutionizing web3 app development.

Thinking about these issues, Minh created MassBit — an infrastructure for blockchains and web3 apps. MassBit supports DeFi and web3 apps development to be faster, easier, more reliable, and more cost effective.

By mid 2021, Minh took his company from inception to being able to launch 2 products into the dev environment, with many more in the pipeline.

Timeline and Important Milestones:

It’s just the beginning of MassBit Story. Stay tuned for quality products ahead!

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