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Rewind! MassBit 1 Year Recap Newsletter

Dear MassBit community,

Welcome to the first MassBit newsletter of 2023. This newsletter will serve as a special look back at the year 2022 and all that was. We’re already onto 2023, focused on making this year even better, but let’s take a moment to acknowledge some special milestones this year including:

1️⃣ Launching Testnet II
2️⃣ Record community growth
3️⃣ Received Milestones I & II of Web3 Foundation’s Grant Program
4️⃣ Made meaningful partnerships with leading web3 affiliates
5️⃣ Fresh rebranding with improved UI/UX design upgrades

MassBit Launches Testnet

Q1 saw the launch of MassBit Testnet. We saw high levels of engagement with over 1k participants in Testnet within just the first month. Testnet has provided valuable feedback for network development. In October MassBit Route updated its code base, with some key features and optimization of core functionality added. MassBit is a decentralized dAPI network that is user-operated, so every Testnet member provides crucial information used in the automation of network standards and improvement of user experience.

Community Growth

Discord remains a leading platform for web3 community development, but we continue to post on all pertinent social media platforms including Telegram, Twitter, Instagram and Discord. MassBit Twitter saw significant growth this year, especially in 4Q, topping 20k followers by year’s end.


MassBit deals with one particular aspect of web3, mainly web3 infrastructure, but there are so many other aspects of web3 being led by some amazing and cutting edge projects. This year, we partnered with many innovative projects to create mutually beneficial relationships of value that will further web3 development as a whole.

Did you notice that we had a new partner every 2 months? The acknowledgement of our peers means everything to us. Working with other projects of substance provides positive brand development in the web3 space. We try not to look at other projects as our competitors, but as different branches stemming from the same web3 tree. When web3 develops in a healthy, transparent and technologically driven way, it’s better for everyone, and we’re always trying to do our part to spread education and provide help to projects that positively impact the space.

Web3 Foundation Grant

In Q3, MassBit Route received the prestigious Web3 Foundation Grant, receiving Milestone I. Later in the year we completed the project and were approved for Milestone II, something only 25% of applicants were able to achieve. The grant was used to accelerate product development, focusing on key technical and core functionality improvements.

The Web3 Foundation is one of most recognized grant foundations in web3, featuring the foundation’s flagship protocol Polkadot, a scalable sharded chain and the first protocol that provides a secure environment for cross-chain composability. Additionally, the grant allowed MassBit to further support the Polkadot ecosystem, utilizing the security, scalability and decentralization of Polkadot to show what projects can expect when using MassBit Route as their project’s infrastructure and cross-chain indexing services.

UX/UI Updates + Rebranding

The actual functionality of a product can become unimportant if it’s not easy and enjoyable to use. MassBit worked extensively in 2022 to improve our UI/UX design, with an improved Node/Gateway dashboard, and more fluid user experience.

Additionally, the MassBit landing page and brand identity was updated to better match our users and community members. The MassBit community is bright, young, and vibrant, and we wanted to update our brand identity to better reflect this. The new landing page features an updated road map and easy navigation for prospective validators looking to start Nodes, or applications looking to learn about MassBit services.

The Year Ahead

Every project operates within the larger web3 sphere, digesting external circumstances out of their control, while balancing those which they can control. The year was full of community growth and product refinement, driven by hard work and our amazing Massbit Ambassador program.

Leading into this year, we’re hoping to expand the MassBit Angels Ambassador Program, to empower our community members to take on additional roles as the project grows, while still providing the experience, networking opportunities and incentives that makes MassBit one of the most rewarding web3 communities there is.

Looking back at 2022, we are filled with a sense of accomplishment, but also gratitude for every person who contributed to MassBit and web3 education in general. We will provide some updates regarding some key plans and developments for Q1 coming very soon.

The MassBit Team.

About MassBit

MassBit is a decentralized infrastructure project. MassBit, which is based on proof-of-stake, uses a verification protocol to create products that are decentralized, providing faster, cost-effective, scalable and more stable solutions for Web3 apps.

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