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MassBit Blog /  MassBit Route: What is a node and what does it mean to blockchain?
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MassBit Route: What is a node and what does it mean to blockchain?

MassBit 101: MassBit Route - What is a node

Hello everyone, today we would like to introduce you to such a concept as nodes and why they are needed in the blockchain.

What is a Node

A node (node) is a point in the network that either distributes data between other nodes (nodes) of the network or is the endpoint of the network. Blockchain nodes are often interconnected with other nodes on the network.

Since the blockchain is a decentralized network, then control nodes are needed to manage it. This is done so that the network is supported not by one center or node but by many centers, and if one node fails, then the network itself will continue to function.

Also, before launching the main network, very often projects make a testnet to check the performance of their network and eliminate any defects. Moreover, both the project and users benefit from this.

MassBit is recruiting nodes to join Testnet

Let’s look at this using the MassBit project as an example. The project is under development and has launched Testnet to test its network. For the project, this is good because they will receive feedback from users + they can understand how many nodes they really need to maintain the network. And users who maintain the network are rewarded for it. More information can be found here.

I would also like to add that there are different nodes, so you need different hardware to maintain them. You can install a node at home, on a personal computer, or, for example, order remote access and keep your node in the cloud while you need to pay for server rental.

To date, there are many sites where you can purchase one of the servers. Here are a few similar sites for reference:

I hope this information will help you in understanding nodes and why they are needed. Good mood to you all.

About the author

Daniel - MassBit AngelDaniel, a member of MassBit angel, he is one of the first to join our Ambassador Program. Living in Ukraine, he has 3 years of experience in blockchain. Familiar with blockchain technology’s technical concepts and understanding, Daniel wants to bring you an objective and exciting look about web3 and blockchain development.


About MassBit

MassBit provides fully decentralized solutions for Defi and Web3 App project development. Currently, with 3 products in the stage of development, MassBit enables DeFi and Web3 App development to be faster, stable, scalable, and more cost-effective.

The powerful “glue” holding together and supporting all the products is the MassBit Verification Protocol, which is based on proof of stake. The protocol incentivizes those working within the system to verify each other’s work. The verification of other nodes, gateways, or indexers gives rewards or penalties for the mistakes to each individual or entity. From that, the protocol ensures the whole network’s health.

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