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MassBit November Newsletter

Dear MassBit community,

This newsletter will be covering recent events, updates to our road map, and community events for MassBit in the month of November, 2022. November saw key updates to our UI/UX design to make things more streamlined and easier to navigate. Additionally, our campaign of the month, Grow the Zone has seen high levels of engagement, as we look to further the network’s decentralization by creating new Gateways in all key zones. Let’s dive into the details! 

MassBit Product Updates

MassBit has completely overhauled our UX/UI design. Making amazing products is one thing, but they have to be user-friendly. First, we have updated the MassBit Route dashboard. Here anyone participating in the network can easily track their Gateways and Nodes, in a more organized and attractive layout. Additionally, the MassBit landing page has been updated with a new branding and exciting aesthetic that better represents our young and vibrant user base. The landing page has been updated with the most up to date road map, tutorials, partnerships, and news, with an easy to follow flow for anyone looking to join the network.

Running your own Node or Gateway has never been easier, and creating a user experience that is streamlined and welcoming to every type of user was the inspiration for our new layout. 

Grow the Zone Campaign

The main campaign of November (leading into  December) is the Grow the Zone campaign. The MassBit advantage comes from our truly decentralized nature. Whereas most API service providers are susceptible to single points of failure due to network configuration, MassBit uses a global Blockchain Distribution Network (BDN) distributed through 6 key zones that adapts customer API requests and traffic routing to maximize speed, efficiency and cost. 

This special lucky draw campaign will select one Gateway in each region to receive a prize. Users wanting a better chance to win are encouraged to start Gateways in regions with lower Gateway activity. This allows users increased chance for rewards while diversifying the network and making it more decentralized. These campaigns are great opportunities to reward our network users while improving MassBit Route’s  core functionality. MassBit is committed to improving our product and services, but only as long as we can provide proper incentives to our amazing community, who we love to reward for their dedication to creating a fair and balanced MassBit network.

Grow the Zone campaign runs into December, and is a great way to get started or expand your contribution to the network. 

? Date: November 17th, 2022 to December 12th, 2022. 

? Prize: $50 BUSD & 3,000 $Wahlee token/per region. 

▶️ Learn more at:

Community Updates

Community support in November was strong. MassBit Twitter is nearing 30k followers, and the official MassBit Discord added nearly 6k new members this month to reach 26k. Community traffic and activity remains high. MassBit is committed to growing our community for the long-term, with steady and organic growth that brings both short and long term benefit to our amazing community members. 

That’s all for November, see you in December as we wind down and recap the year, as well as give some insight into 2023.

About MassBit

MassBit is a decentralized infrastructure project. MassBit, which is based on proof-of-stake, uses a verification protocol to create products that are decentralized, providing faster, cost-effective, scalable and more stable solutions for Web3 apps.

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