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How MassBit Partners with Layer 1 Projects

Fuse strives to build the most business and consumer-friendly platform and ecosystem for mainstream adoption of web3 payments. The platform features the EVM-compatible Fuse Network blockchain and an API-based infrastructure for businesses enabling them to plug in Fuse Network-powered payments and other features. 

Current market issues have proven the need to further push decentralization in many aspects of web3. Continually the faults of centralized systems have stunted crypto market growth. As web3 continues to evolve, there continues to be pain points reminding everyone of the ethos by which the concept of web3 was founded on. Decentralization removes human bias, thus creating fair systems.

The problem that arises is that, with so many separate ecosystems and blockchains all figuring out their place in the web3 of tomorrow, the focus on decentralization is often pushed to the side today. Additionally, as many different decentralized networks learn to operate with each other, that decentralization is only as good as the weakest link.

The majority of blockchain transactions today still rely heavily on centralized API providers. Often used for convenience due to how the web2 world is designed, we cannot truly call web3 decentralized until the very infrastructure by which blockchains can communicate with each other is also decentralized. MassBit works as a global, user-operated blockchain distribution network (BDN), providing Layer 1 projects with quick, cheap, and reliable blockchain access among a variety of key chains and ecosystems. 

How MassBit Achieves Decentralization

MassBit currently offers 4 main components: MassBit Route, Prime, Insights, and Multi-chain Indexing. Massbit Route is the flagship product, offering decentralized API request service globally. MassBit Route is run by a network of validators running either Nodes or Gateways to service dApps by connecting users to supported blockchains by routing their RPC connection requests. 

Built on a Substrate framework, MassBit overcomes many of the issues centralized cloud services face through redundancy. Route is an ever expanding network of Gateways and Nodes that adapt to best serve network traffic. Split into 6 key regions, the network validators will be rewarded with the upcoming MBT utility token. MassBit is a proof-of-stake network, meaning validators must also stake MBT to ensure desired performance. 

The tokenomics of the system, paired with the automated traffic routing mechanism, ensures the network is continually adapting, shifting network resources to where they are needed most by creating incentives for validators to work in those regions. The fisherman component is an automated Gateway and Node verification tool, which periodically measures latency and bandwidth between the network and validators to ensure every Gateway and Node meets network standards. 

How MassBit helps the Fuse Network

Projects and developers on Fuse will have increased connectivity once MassBit Route’s support has fully been integrated. MassBit Route allows Fuse to better serve its customers through reliable dAPI service. 

As MassBit network continues to grow, Layer 1 projects can use MassBit Route to help improve cross-chain interoperability, with quicker and uninterrupted access to a variety of blockchains serviced by the MassBit network.

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About MassBit

MassBit is a decentralized infrastructure project. MassBit, which is based on proof-of-stake, uses a verification protocol to create products that are decentralized, providing faster, cost-effective, scalable and more stable solutions for Web3 apps. 

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