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MassBit Blog /  Getting to know “Whale” – the MassBit Mascot!
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Getting to know “Whale” – the MassBit Mascot!

?Why Whale?

As you may know, the term whale is used to describe an individual or organization that holds a large amount of a particular cryptocurrency, defined as a person that has enough coins or tokens to cause a significant impact on the market prices.

So “Whale” just means you hold a lot of cryptos, right?

Whales aren’t the only sea creature used within the Crypto world. For example, within the Bitcoin ecosystem there is an entire system of sea animals used to represent investors, from the smallest investors who own less than 1 coin (Shrimp), mid-level holders with 100-500 coins (dolphins) to the top holders with over 5k coins (Humpbacks).

So why “Whale”? We believe web3 empowers the user and allows anyone to reach their goals, whatever that may be. Whether a small or big investor, we can all be our own WHALE and take power over our own journey, while influencing others in positive ways. The MassBit community is a positive one, they are supporters and spreaders. They are the ones who help and guide those who are new to blockchain technology, and are inspiring to others!

?The representative of MassBit – Wahlee

From the beginning of the MassBit project, we have always clearly and concisely conveyed the team’s core values to grow sustainably with the community. However, it seems there is still something missing, while the image of the infrastructure project is considered academic and boring. “So, why don’t we have a mascot, the iconic character that represents what MassBit is all about – a friend of not only developers, web3 apps, but the normal community member as well! We’ll make it professional and approachable at the same time,” said Kate, Marketing Lead of MassBit. 

Through the process of brainstorming with the team, and special thanks to some early community supporters, we decided to choose the Orcinus orca – a kind of whale that gets, the popular figure of the crypto world and has its own characteristics. We think this character is the best representation of Massbit and our supporters. 


Hearing about blockchain infrastructure projects might feel complex, academic, or boring for some. We want to change that to bring web3 solutions to mass users! For MassBit, the project will make the operation of the blockchain simplers but also more accessible for everyone. Tech-addicted, simple, friendly, and dynamic are the core values that MassBit has always pursued since day one. 

How we created Wahlee

The team took great care to make the Whale show his unique emotions, with a look that truly represented MassBit as their signature character. We started by ketching at least 20 versions from a real whale. Eventually, we decided to use a cartoon style as it better represented the fun aspect of our team and community. Then we went through numerous rounds of feedback until the final draft. “Wahlee the Whale” was born! 

Selected sketches to the final version

?Where you can find Wahlee or MassBit?

Emoji on MassBit Discord channel:

Telegram sticker pack:

Profile picture of some MassBit dedicated members:

If you want to have your own avatar, DM @peterleefortech (on Telegram) the favorite sticker & your name. The team will select and customize it for you. 

?5 winners took the right guess in the bi-weekly event 

Sincere thanks to our amazing community for participating in our bi-weekly event. This event was titled “What is it?” had great engagement from the community. Our bi-weekly events will be used to create fun activities that connect people and broaden the MassBit brand, so thanks to everyone for participating. We are very happy to announce the winners: 

  1. Sinh Truong (TruongSinh59#0062)
  2. L Bee (Buysell#9362)
  3. 阿卡珊瑚 (akashanhu#4841)
  4. Danylo Talan (Talan#4460)
  5. pan (pan#1820)

Terms and conditions

  • Participants understand that by joining the MassBit Discord and Telegram, some level of personal information will be known by the MassBit team.
  • The community members who have been active in the Massbit community will receive the plus.
  • The criteria to score is mainly about your sharing of MassBit.
  • The reward will be distributed when MassBit is launched, and the MassBit team will use the closing price of the MassBit token on the day of distribution as the exchange rate.
  • The list of winners will be announced on MassBit official channels within 2 days after the campaign has ended.
  • For any campaign, such as this one, winners will be picked randomly after a series of internal checks. All decisions made by the MassBit team are final and cannot be challenged or changed.


We will start transferring the rewards within 2 days of posting this announcement. The rewards will be converted to ? – MassBit Community Token and convertible to $MBT (MassBit Token) when launched, so make sure you join our Discord channel here.

The amount of ? that you will receive in this event is as follows:

$25 = 5000 ?

1? = 0.005 USD worth of MassBit Token ($MBT)

About MassBit

MassBit provides fully decentralized solutions for Defi and Web3 App project development. Currently, with three products in the stage of development, MassBit enables DeFi and Web3 App development to be faster, stable, scalable, and more cost-effective.

The powerful ‘glue’ holding together and supporting all the products is the MassBit Verification Protocol, which is based on Proof of Stake. The protocol incentivizes those working within the system to verify each other’s work. The verification of other nodes, gateways, or indexers gives rewards or penalties for the mistakes to each individual or entity. From that, the protocol ensures the whole network’s health.

Join the MassBit Community:

Website | Twitter | Telegram | Medium | Youtube | Facebook | Instagram | Discord

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