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by MassBit - December 21, 2022
In the Web2 world, centralized servers host the resources that applications need to run. Web3 has brought the development of dAPI, or decentralized API which provide access to the underlying data or functionality of dApps and protocols, distributed among a network of nodes instead of a few centralized servers. Blockchain Distribution Networks (BDN) bypass the […]
by - September 25, 2022
Blockchain data propagation refers to the process in which a transaction is spread through a distributed network until it is included in a block on the blockchain as confirmation. Even though the decentralized nature of blockchain technology has many advantages, one issue that arises is how data is propagated in a network that has no […]
by - September 25, 2022
MassBit is creating the decentralized API infrastructure for web3, powered by MassBit’s Verification Protocol. With MassBit Route’s global node network, caching content, and improving route paths, users will see faster response times.  The MassBit Verification Protocol ensures all participating nodes are staked in order to actively start serving blockchain requests and earn incentives for verifying […]
by MassBit - August 24, 2022
Within web3, different projects approach different issues. As more blockchain-related projects grow, they also become increasingly dependent on other ecosystems. Blockchain indexing is essential to DeFi and Web3 development, creating the infrastructure and scalability to allow for better chain interoperability by indexing key data from multiple chains. An overview of MassBit Multi-Chain Indexing MassBit Multi-Chain […]
by MassBit - July 7, 2022
A SPOF is any non-redundant part of a network that, if dysfunctional, would cause the entire network to fail. This concept is vital for web3 compared to web2 as web3 is built on decentralization, privacy, and eliminating SPOF. To get a completely decentralized network. All web3 applications must be built on a decentralized operating infrastructure […]
by MassBit - June 20, 2022
Load balancing is a method by which incoming network traffic is efficiently distributed across a group of backend servers. It is a very important mechanism by which high-traffic websites can cost-effectively scale to meet the high demands of their servers, which must serve millions of concurrent requests from users or clients.  ?‍♂️ What is Load […]
by MassBit - May 30, 2022
*This article is a serises contributed by MassBit community members. MassBit does not hold any copyright to this article “MassBit 101 Centralized API Service Redundancy”.  “Everything is about servers. All the network schematics are of servers, the trust model is between servers. “ Infura service outage This past April, crypto wallet Metamask again suffered a […]