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by MassBit - November 4, 2022
Azhar: Today MassBit will be holding a ☎️ community call, with the focus of providing product updates as well as MassBit’s near and future plans going forward. MassBit is currently in the Phase II of development. Besides the collaboration between many professional node providers such as Klever, Staking4all, Honeymoon, Nodeifi, and P-OPS, we have achieved […]
by - September 6, 2022
Angel, a person of exemplary conduct or virtue. MassBit Angels are special community members who go above and beyond to help moderate, build, and share the MassBit vision. These community members have added responsibility, but earn extra rewards and form the foundations of the MassBit community. Let’s learn more about the Angel program and the […]
by MassBit - May 30, 2022
*This article is a serises contributed by MassBit community members. MassBit does not hold any copyright to this article “MassBit 101 Centralized API Service Redundancy”.  “Everything is about servers. All the network schematics are of servers, the trust model is between servers. “ Infura service outage This past April, crypto wallet Metamask again suffered a […]