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by MassBit - June 20, 2022
Load balancing is a method by which incoming network traffic is efficiently distributed across a group of backend servers. It is a very important mechanism by which high-traffic websites can cost-effectively scale to meet the high demands of their servers, which must serve millions of concurrent requests from users or clients.  🙋‍♂️ What is Load […]
by MassBit - June 15, 2022
MassBit is pleased to announce its partnership with P-OPS Team node operator. This adds yet another reputable and stable node operator to the ever-increasing MassBit Network. The P-OPS Team brings a combined 40+ years of experience in blockchain. They specialize in running validators on several networks, while also providing consultation, growth acceleration, and funding to […]
by MassBit - June 7, 2022
Share your dash, get rewarded! Introducing the MassBit Dashboard campaign. Share your MassBit Route Dashboard on Twitter to earn MassBit Community tokens. MassBit is currently running Testnet Phase II for MassBit Route. Testnet is a crucial part of product development, as we slowly introduce new features and establish network stability. It can be an arduous […]
by MassBit - May 30, 2022
*This article is a serises contributed by MassBit community members. MassBit does not hold any copyright to this article.  “Everything is about servers. All the network schematics are of servers, the trust model is between servers. “ Infura service outage This past April, crypto wallet Metamask again suffered a service outage. This was the second […]
by MassBit - May 18, 2022
After the success of the 1st Testnet for the MassBit Route (MBR) product, we are ready to launch Testnet Phase II leading up to the Mainnet. This launch will introduce new features, and we will continuously test and upgrade, as well as confirm the rewards month by month. So remember to subscribe by email, or […]
by MassBit - May 12, 2022
MassBit is excited to inform you about the ongoing Giveaway event. Let’s learn about the MassBit project through an infographic video and answer a question to receive rewards from MassBit. 📝 How to join? Participants will need to log-in to Twitter and follow the instructions of the Tweet below, once completed, you will be notified […]
by MassBit - April 15, 2022
MassBit is thrilled to share that by utilizing a great AMA session opportunity, Our Marketing team has successfully represented and spread awareness about our products among the FXCE Crypto Community in Vietnam. The session was held in three parts: introduction, answering pre-selected questions from the FXCE Community and live Q&A. If you missed this insightful […]
by MassBit - April 4, 2022
Hello everyone, today we would like to introduce you to such a concept as nodes and why they are needed in the blockchain. What is a Node A node (node) is a point in the network that either distributes data between other nodes (nodes) of the network or is the endpoint of the network. Blockchain […]
by MassBit - March 25, 2022
MassBit Route (MBR) is a decentralized blockchain distribution network (BDN). MBR is empowered by MassBit Verification Protocol – a decentralized proof of stake system that ensures all workers execute their tasks correctly while also checking on each other’s work to verify that everyone is acting properly. MBR offers a quick, stable, and reliable service, all […]
by MassBit - March 21, 2022
MassBit, with its ever-expanding community, would like to present to you the MassBit Community Economy, a unique reward system for project supporters. Through this mechanism, you will receive “🐳,” a token on the MassBit Discord channel, which the holder can use to convert to MassBit Token ($MBT) when we launch. Since “🐳” was released, all […]
by MassBit - March 16, 2022
🐳Why Whale? As you may know, the term whale is used to describe an individual or organization that holds a large amount of a particular cryptocurrency, defined as a person that has enough coins or tokens to cause a significant impact on the market prices. So “Whale” just means you hold a lot of cryptos, […]
by MassBit - March 11, 2022
Grow the MassBit Community and earn ”100 🐳” – MassBit Community Tokens by inviting 1 friend to join the MassBit Discord. Join now and earn together! Once your friend joins and verifies in the MassBit Discord server, we will record 1 invite into your account. Every month, We’ll convert the invites to 🐳 monthly based on […]