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by MassBit - November 29, 2022
Dear MassBit community, This newsletter will be covering recent events, updates to our road map, and community events for MassBit in the month of November, 2022. November saw key updates to our UI/UX design to make things more streamlined and easier to navigate. Additionally, our campaign of the month, Grow the Zone has seen high […]
by MassBit - November 17, 2022
Grow The Zone with MassBit! In November, the MassBit Team is happy to bring you the Grow The Zone Campaign to show the diversity and reach of the MassBit network, so let’s join together and show just how much the network is represented in each region. You will join the campaign by participating in gateways […]
by MassBit - November 11, 2022
The crypto bull run of the last few years brought crypto into the spotlight, adding crypto slang to the cultural lexicon while bringing tons of new investors and capital into the space. Though this was a watershed moment in the history of crypto adoption, the subsequent crypto winter and bear market currently being experienced has […]
by MassBit - November 4, 2022
Azhar: Today MassBit will be holding a ☎️ community call, with the focus of providing product updates as well as MassBit’s near and future plans going forward. MassBit is currently in the Phase II of development. Besides the collaboration between many professional node providers such as Klever, Staking4all, Honeymoon, Nodeifi, and P-OPS, we have achieved […]
by MassBit - October 27, 2022
🚨 Add Gateways to expand coverage! MassBit Route has reached a sufficient number of MB Nodes from professional Node Providers across 5 different zones. In order to bring our decentralized API services closer to all users around the world, 💪 the number of Gateways and zone diversification needs to be increased.  ✅ Adding more Gateways […]
by MassBit - October 19, 2022
Milestone 1 Recap Last month, MassBit was the recipient of the prestigious Web3 Foundation Milestone 1 grant. The Web3 Foundation funds research and development teams who are building the foundation of the decentralized web. MassBit has been working with the foundation’s flagship protocol, Polkadot, to exhibit the efficiency of its network as a decentralized API […]
by MassBit - October 17, 2022
MassBit held an AMA section in the community with the aim to resolve community questions and engage with the community. The recap is shown below. Q1. Will there be an MBR testnet in the future? → MassBit Testnet is still available at the moment. We have recently finished a major upgrade and now the network […]
by - October 1, 2022
Dear MassBit community, This newsletter will be covering recent events, updates to our road map, and community events for MassBit in the month of September, 2022. September was a very emotional month for the MassBit team. The month saw huge developments, both technically and within the Web3 community, and we can’t wait to share all […]
by - September 25, 2022
Blockchain data propagation refers to the process in which a transaction is spread through a distributed network until it is included in a block on the blockchain as confirmation. Even though the decentralized nature of blockchain technology has many advantages, one issue that arises is how data is propagated in a network that has no […]
by - September 25, 2022
MassBit is creating the decentralized API infrastructure for web3, powered by MassBit’s Verification Protocol. With MassBit Route’s global node network, caching content, and improving route paths, users will see faster response times.  The MassBit Verification Protocol ensures all participating nodes are staked in order to actively start serving blockchain requests and earn incentives for verifying […]
by MassBit - September 19, 2022
With the successful completion of Milestone #1 of the Web3 Foundation Grant program, the MassBit team is looking forward towards the next milestone, focused on the optimization of the core features of MassBit Route. For Milestone #1, our goal was to lay the foundation of our project and vision; to build a decentralized, user-operated, and […]
by MassBit - September 9, 2022
MassBit has been awarded a grant from the Web3 Foundation to develop MassBit Route, a decentralized API service built on a Substrate framework. MassBit has the vision to build a decentralized, user-operated, and governed Blockchain Distribution Network.  The MassBit Route network will be powered by Providers, who stake MBT tokens to secure the network. Consumers […]